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The Revision System for Exam Success

Why Choose My Revision Pal?


Achieve higher exam grades


Overcome learning and revision barriers


Learn faster and remember revision content for longer

Exam Technique

Recall and apply revision content to exam questions

Exam Mindset

Create a positive exam mindset to achieve higher exam grades


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I wanted this course to help my teenager with their revision, so I went through some of the modules myself.
I must say I found it useful as an adult.

Highly recommended!

Georgette Rowland Osborne | Student | Business Money Consultant | Author | Speaker | Parent

Clear, concise. Keen to learn more.

Marilitsa Alexiou | Student | Director of Creative Arts | Perins School

I've tried a few different courses in the past on how to pass exams but this is by far the best course I have seen.

The content is top notch and the pace is about right allowing me to absorb the content and apply the knowledge.

Gets a Gold star from me.

Chris Varnom | Student | Website Security Expert

Great information! Really enjoyed going through the course and learnt loads.

Martin Huntbach | Student | Author | Web Designer 

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