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Posted by My Revision Pal on May 7, 2017

Revision Hacks

Revision Hacks

It has to be said when it comes to revision, everyone wants a quick fix solution! But lets face it, if it was that easy then everyone would be aceing their examinations. However, to make the process more manageable, I have a simple revision hack to help with the reading of revision content. There is a simple way in which [if you are using a computer to revise] you can get your computer to speak your revision content to you! Take these easy steps to overcome the barrier of reading through volumes of revision content. (more…)

Posted by My Revision Pal on April 13, 2017

Revision Motivation Workshop

Revision Motivation

Revision Motivation In this video workshop Kelly Long teaches students and parents how to overcome the huge revision barrier that is motivation!


Posted by My Revision Pal on March 27, 2017

Exam Anxiety – A Parent Exercise To Help Teenagers Overcome Exam Anxiety

Exam Anxiety – A Parent Exercise To Help Teenagers Overcome Exam Anxiety

Thanks for watching the Facebook Live Parent Workshop on how to help your teenager overcome exam anxiety.

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Posted by My Revision Pal on March 14, 2017

Revision Timetable Strategies For Exam Success – Parent Guide

Is Your Teen Using An Effective Revision Timetable?

To successfully pass exams requires good planning and an effective revision timetable. Parents can have a significant impact on the success of their teens revision season by helping them to implement three timetable strategies .


Typically a GCSE studentRevision Timetables will undertake between eight and twelve subjects and therefore they need enough time to develop, understand and master the skills required to successfully pass each of their GCSE subjects.

To achieve this goal requires a revision timetable that is strategic in its approach and that operates within a revision framework to deliver successful exam results.  To develop an effective revision timetable requires skill and often students do not have these skills.  As a consequence students develop ineffective revision timetables that do not support their revision process.  Developing a revision timetable without an effective revision framework or specific structure can have a detrimental impact on a student’s exam confidence but also on their ability to retain revision content.


Posted by My Revision Pal on March 7, 2017

Parent Canvas: Tips for parents on successfully preparing teenagers for their exams

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